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twenty two years

I am twenty two years now, I am not a little girl anymore. God give me a lot of surprise in this year, I got new family and new friend. I have finished my study on Physics Department in Bogor Agricultural Institute in October, and on November someone offeredto metobe asubstitute teacherinsenior high school AL-Azhar Plus Bogor for one month. 

I tookthe offerandIfound a new familyagainthere, I am grateful being a part of this school. it's really amazing, I learn much experience from this place. I have one month being their teacher and friend. sometime when I feel alone I really miss them, I hope they all will get a success in their feature.

and now, I find my new family on Primagama. in this palace I have many friends with different type of Age. now I have new Brother and Sister, they always make me happy and smiling. sometime they are so annoying and make me upset, but I really thanks being this part of family.

twenty two years I am single, and I am Happy because I always have family…

losing phone

I was losing my phone on Monday (21/11), that incident happen so quickly. it was my fault because I don't keep well my phone, I put my phone on table in the teacher's room before I enter the classroom to teach my student. when the bell was ringing I am exit the class and back to teacher's room. I put my book on the table and looking around to get my phone.

for a minute I think that my phone was saved by Mr. Asep, but not along Mr. Asep come and ask me about his phone. at that time I think that someone has taken our phone, but who is he/she? no one saw anybody enter into the room. I don't want to accuse anyone, almost my student. for a second I hope that my phone back, I don't have a backup phone number all my friend, my teacher, my family and all. I was depressed because I really don't remember all my contact number including the number phone of my father and my sister.

at the evening I bought a sim card to call my family. I remember I write down my dad's …