losing phone

I was losing my phone on Monday (21/11), that incident happen so quickly. it was my fault because I don't keep well my phone, I put my phone on table in the teacher's room before I enter the classroom to teach my student. when the bell was ringing I am exit the class and back to teacher's room. I put my book on the table and looking around to get my phone.

for a minute I think that my phone was saved by Mr. Asep, but not along Mr. Asep come and ask me about his phone. at that time I think that someone has taken our phone, but who is he/she? no one saw anybody enter into the room. I don't want to accuse anyone, almost my student. for a second I hope that my phone back, I don't have a backup phone number all my friend, my teacher, my family and all. I was depressed because I really don't remember all my contact number including the number phone of my father and my sister.

at the evening I bought a sim card to call my family. I remember I write down my dad's number on the paper. so when I arrive my room I looking for the paper, Alhamdulillah I found my dad's number. so at the time I call him and tell him about this incident, about my losing phone.

from the incident I learn I must take care my own goods carefully, and crime come together with the chance.


  1. umi happy birthday! huhu sedih banget waktu ngucapin di whatsapp tapi kata Shaun hp umi ilang :(

  2. makasih azka... iyaa hp aku ilang kemarin pas tanggal 23... dua minggu lebih ga punya hp..


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