The Reason I Love the Window

what are you thinking when you see the windows? (can you tell me what do you think?)

when I see a window I always thinking there are much light and full of air. when I was rent room at Bogor I choose the room which have a big window and it face to the yard. the room doesn't large it's small just 2 x 2 meter, without chit chat I immediately decide to rent this room because I think it will difficult to get the same room like this with the low price. you must know, that I am never move from the rent home until I got my Graduation in 2016.  honestly there are many damage at my rent home, you know the main door of my rent home is always make a problem. we can't open and close the door when the rain fall, it has been change for sometime but when rain fall again it will be same again. until I left my rent home on June 2016 the problem doesn't have a solution. But you must know that I will always love my last room and home.

beginning of this year I have an opportunity to be "anak kost" (again), but now I live at Semarang. at he first I looking a round to get a rent room I hope I will find one similar with my last room at Bogor. Alhamdulillah I found it one which have a big window it was 2 x 3 meter. the window was face to east so when morning come I will see it and I will never oversleep. Because the sun will wake me up everyday.

Did you know the reason I love the window?(can you answer my question?)

my grandmother's home (now my parent's home) at the village has many windows, we never turn on the lamp at the day. when the weather was so scorching we just need to open the windows and the door and waiting for the wind come and bring the fresh air. from the windows I can see many phenomena without leaving home. and from the windows I can see the cloud, rain, sun, moon and stars without fear night's wind. and the most important why I choose the room with a big window is that morning come I can see the large of the world and forget that my room was small.

so what the most you like from your room?