To Be Like Koro Sensei

finally the series of "Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Association Classroom)" is over. there is a feeling disappointment  in my heart with the ending. but over all I love this serial because I can pick many lesson from it. you must know the serial has been over from last year because last year I don't have a good connection so I just could watch it now.

may be some of you have so many question to me, why I love this serial to much. I will tell you some secret. when I was stay in bogor my friend "fitria slamuet" introducing this film to me. at the time I watch "Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Association Classroom)" from my notebook and suddenly I fall in love with this one. I love it because I got a lot of valuable lesson from "koro sensei".

Koro seinsei is a yellow octopus, he is a monster who government used to be an experiment. he will destroyed the earth on the next year, but before he did it he ask the government to be a teacher on class 3E junior high school Kunugigaoka. the class where you will find the despair faces in the classroom. in addition he will be a teacher and to be a target of the murder from the students. koro sensei was a monster but he can be a good teacher in the world.

I hope I will be a good teacher like him, get know my student potential and I can take them to be a success person and be a good person to. like koro sensei I hope I will be a good teacher to my student.

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this anime is adopted from manga created by Yusei Matsui, if you want to see this serial you must prepare snack, water and wipes because it have 50 episode (25 episode season 1 and 25 episode season 2). I recommendation this film if you a lot of motivation to be a good teacher.

I learn being an educator is not easy, you must be a good personality, be a good auditor, and you have duty to educate your student become a good personal and drove them to be a real human.